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The aim of the game is to get as close as you can to the winning 4D Result. The closer you get, the more you could win and there is a 4D draw every day at 7.45 pm.

All you need to do is pick any 4 digit number and the closer that number is to the winning four digit 4D number drawn, the more you could win! If you pick the winning number you win Singapore Metro 1st Prize!

To play, simply choose your lucky 4 digit number from 0,000 to 9,999 or buy a dip and let the computer pick a random number for you.

The first division prize starts at $10.000,000 and jackpots daily if not won. If it jackpots to $20.000,000 a 4D Must Be Won draw is held.

It only costs $5 to be in to win $10.00,000 or more every day.

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